Friday, November 9, 2007


A friend of mine recently was pulled over by the cops, hand-cuffed and taken into custody, and made to spend the night in the drunk tank without every being told what she was being held for.

In the garish light of day, it was found that she had a warrant out for her arrest for a fix-it ticket that she had both paid for and had a police officer sign off that she had taken care of. All of this had been resolved over four months earlier. "Hardy-harr-harr! Our mistake, have a nice day!!!" There will be no repercussions for the police.

And another libertarian is born...

Ron Paul at his desk.


Curtis said...

Your friend went to jail for having a broken car? What kind of human being would put another human being in jail for having a broken car? None. That's why we call them pigs.

Cassandra Anne said...

Well put.