Monday, October 27, 2008

San Juan Island Pictures

For this week's pictures I'm going to highlight a few of my more artistic shots from our Fawson Family Vacay to the San Juan Islands this past summer.  It was around this time that I really started to get into photography, and I spent a lot of time on this trip trying things out, seeing what worked and what didn't.  Here are a few of my favorites.

From the clothesline in the backyard of the house we rented.

The lavender farm.  This place smelled incredible.

The Lime Kiln State Park where we were whale-watching.  Obviously there were no whales to watch when this picture was taken.

Fence outside our house.

A barn next to our house.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Once again it is October 21, and my birthday! To commemorate my twenty-three years on this earth, I put together some pictures of myself for your enjoyment.
This is one of the oldest pictures I have of myself courtesy of my first digital camera which I got for my nineteenth birthday, Fall 2004. I used to love taking pictures of myself late at night and then photoshopping them. This picture, however, us untouched.

Here is one of my favorite engagement pictures, and the photo that was in the center of our announcement, Spring 2005. See how happy I look?!

My bridal pictures, Summer 2005. I was told to spin. When I concentrate I tend to stick out my tongue. I guess spinning in a dress and train is pretty difficult stuff!

Skiing at Beaver Mountain, Winter 2005. Look how awesome that powder looks in the background! The sun is very shiny, that's why my eyes are shut, I have a hard time with shiny.

Summer 2006 we went to nearly all of the national parks/state parks in Utah and several surrounding states. This is a hike in one of those parks, don't ask me which. I believe the gray mass behind me was a 'salt upheaval.'

This is me graduating from college, Spring 2007! That hat was seriously bugging.

Here I am at a Vietnamese optometrist getting fit for ridiculously cheap 'Gucci' glasses, Summer 2007. This is how they determined my prescription. Do you see how shiny I am? It was so hot and humid there, and no air-con anywhere!

This is me at Hamilton's restaurant a couple of weeks ago, Fall 2008. I'm telling my dad how to operate my camera, don't I look lovely?

Thank you for that trip through memory lane, and I hope this next year brings new and wonderful things. And if you see me today, you should sing me a song.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fawsonberger Candy Tournament 2008 - Round 5, Final Round

Note: Read the archives for the first four rounds of this tournament. Start here.

About this time we realized that the sweater that Sammi had been wearing all night was covered in her own urine, and that Bob had been cuddling with her for an hour and hadn't noticed. Perhaps it was the candy talking, but I found that fact hilarious.  

We had travelled long and hard and been ridiculed by grocery store employees, we had skipped dinner and meaningful sustenance, we had endured heart-ache and stomachache all for this moment, the final two competitors!

Skor vs. Starburst - We slowly savored these last two bits of candy, recognizing that they would be the last in what had become a long journey.  As was to be expected, I voted for Starburst and Jamey voted for Skor.  Tiebreaker went to Dave.  We asked Bob was his vote would be, as a matter of curiosity, and he said Skor.  Dave pondered his decision for a long time.  A really long time, Grant was tired and kept going to the door, trying to unlock it, and saying, "Outside!" Eventually, he decided on Starburst.

Ta Da!  We did it!  We are incredible!

Here I am, considering the near impossible choice of the final two candies.

In the aftermath of the tournament the four of us seem stunned that Starbursts could have won. It was highly unpredictable, and I think that says that we performed our duties as unbiasedly as would could.  I highly recommend you to gather up a group of three to five people and create your own candy tournament, though expect craziness to occur and you to leave considerably heavier than when you began!!!  Thanks for sticking with me through this life-changing journey.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fawsonberger Candy Tournament 2008 - Round 4

Note: Read Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3 before reading this round.

We're down to the final four candies, Caramello, Skor, Gummy Worms, and Starburst. Interestingly enough, no matter who wins in these rounds we were going to end up with a chocolate candy fighting a non-chocolate candy.  Also, Grant started freaking out so we turned on the movie WALL-E for him, which he loved and kept he and Bob occupied for the rest of the night.

Caramello vs. Skor - As always, I voted against the Skor bar for the lovely creamy Caramello bar, and Jamey voted for it.  Dave was the tie-breaker and after much consideration, he voted for the Skor bar.  Incredibly, the Skor bar has made it into the final two without my ever having voted for it!

Gummy Worms vs. Starburst - These were both delicious candies.  I ate half of my Starburst, and dropped the other half accidentally in my glass of water!  (Which was approximately my seventh glass of water as my body attempted to digest unholy amounts of sugar.)  I voted for the Starburst and Jamey voted for the Gummy Worms.  The tie-breaker went to Bob this time and though Gummy Worms are one of his all time favorite candies, he voted for Starburst.  We have our final two!

Bob and Grant eating loser candies and watching WALL-E together.  Also note that Sammi, on Bob's lap, is wearing a sweater.

This is Jamey feeling quite sick as we approach the final four.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fawsonberger Candy Tournament 2008 - Round 3

Note: Please read this entry third after the First Round and the Second Round entries.

After the second round, we were feeling great, and totally high on sugar.  Everything was hilarious and the candy seemed sweeter as we dove into judging the Elite Eight...

York vs. Caramello - I voted for Caramello and anticipated a tie-breaker, knowing of Jamey's love of anything (including feces) covered  in mint.  But Jamey blew all of our minds when she went with Caramello....

Skor vs. Nibs - Of course this round went into tiebreaker.  Jamey voted for Skor, and I voted against.  For the first time, Bob was able to judge a Skor round, and he was stunned by the crunchy-buttery goodness of the center.  He hands-down voted for Skor.

Whatchamacallit vs. Gummy Worms - The Whatchamacallit had an incredible go of it, what with its flavor explosion, but didn't stand a chance against Gummy Worms.

Starburst vs. Jr. Mint - This was a bad round for mints as Jamey again abandoned her love and Starburst reigned triumphant.

David Hulsberg, Tie-breaker extraordinaire is thoughtfully considering the choices before him.

Yeah, I told you.  Sugar High.  Here I am attempting to eat the Tournament Bracket.

Stay tuned for the final two rounds of the candy tournament!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fawsonberger Candy Tournament 2008 - Round 2

Note:  If you have yet to read the blog post before about the first round of the candy tournament, please start there for clarity's sake. 

Between rounds one and two, we attempted to start a game of Risk.  But Grant was having none of it and threw all the pieces around like only a nearly-two-year-old can.  So after a little bit of playing and a lot of cleaning, we dove straight into round two!

Milk Duds vs. York - This was a tough competition, but York came up triumphantly!

Caramello vs. Peanut M&M's - Caramello was delicious.  We were both big fans of the caramelly goodness of this chocolate treat.  Onward you go!

Snickers vs. Skor - Once again I voted against Skor and Jamey voted for it (Seeing a trend yet?), in tie-breaker Dave was in love with the buttery-chocolatey deliciousness of the Skor bar.

KitKat vs. Nibs - How could KitKat, with it's chocolate and wafer, stand a chance against the delicious bite-sized amazingness of the red licorice Nibs?  It couldn't and it didn't.

Whatchamacallit vs. Peanut Butter M&M's - Whatchamacallit?  You are so delicious and a surprising contender in this battle.  See ya later PBMMs!

Gummy Worms vs. Mr. Goodbar - We all know that Mr. Goodbar made it into the second round only by a fluke and it did not fare well against the Gummy Worms.

Almond Joy vs. Starburst - Oh Almond Joy, you're incredible!  However in this instance, Starbursts were the champions.

Charleston Chew vs. Junior Mint - Tiebreaker needed for this round as well!  Junior Mint was decided to be the winner as the tiebreaker declared that "Charleston Chews are gross."

The second round contenders are piled neatly in pairs (Thanks to Dave and his OCD!), while the losers are heaped behind in a pile of sadness and destruction.  Also note the hopeful yet naive placement of the Risk board.

Here is Jamey, recording the results of the second round of competition for posterity and for blog-erity.

What will happen in Round 3??? Stay tuned to find out.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fawsonberger Candy Tournament 2008 - Round 1

I was recently reading the October edition of The Plug in which two contributors undergo a candy tournament.  After reading the tournament's outcome and discussing it with my friend Jamey, we decided to undergo a tourney of our own and see who the true candy champion is.  This is a documentation of the first round of that tournament....  (Competitors were drawn randomly out of a hat.)

Milk Dud's vs. Reese's - A tie in our first competition!  Tiebreaker went to Dave, since Bob was eating dinner.  He chose Milk Dud's for their in your face taste.

Skittles vs. York - York.  Hands down, this was an easy one.

Nerds vs. Nibs - Nibs.  We're on a roll now!

Tootsie Roll vs. Caramello - Caramello wins for it's smooth caramel center and overall satisfaction levels.

Peanut M&M vs. Heath -  This one went into tie-breaker where Bob, after much deliberation, chose Peanut M&M's.

3 Musketeers vs. Snickers - Those 3 Musketeers ran straight back to France after this football branded Snickers kicked them out of the ballpark.  (Do you like my mixed sports metaphors?)

Skor vs. Sugar Babies - I voted against Skor, Jamey voted for.  In tie-breaker, Skor was the easy winner.

Swedish Fish vs. KitKat - Here we diverge for the history of the name KitKat, and KitKat wins.

Whatchamacallit - We both randomly got green Dots, but they didn't hold up to the hidden joy of the Whatchamacallit!  

Butterfinger vs. Peanut Butter M&M's - This round went into tie-breaker...  Peanut Butter M&M's reign triumphantly! 

Gummy Worms vs. SweetTarts - I got a blue tart, Jamey got a red one; but still the gummy/i trumped!

Twix vs. Mr. Goodbar - Mr. Goodbar only made it into this round because it is Bob's favorite candy, though quite disgusting.  Incidentally, there was something wrong with the Twix bar, so the vote was unanimously Mr. Goodbar.

Almond Joy vs. Nutroll - Almond Joy, easy peasy.

100 Grand vs. Starburst - The Starburst were the blue 'California' flavors, and easily defeated the 100 Grand bar.

PayDay vs. Charleston Chew - Mmmmm.... Charleston Chew!  Better frozen, but still enough to beat the PayDay.

Jr. Mint vs. Good & Plenty - G&P's, one of my all time favorite candies, but mint is Jamey's lover.  So it went into a tiebreaker round.... Where Bob betrayed me by voting for Jr. Mints.

Here is Grant, ridiculously happy to be eating the loser candies.  (Only Dots did he call candy, and he dropped Nerds around him everywhere.  Needless to say, my dogs followed him like slaves all night long.)

Here we have Jamey and Dave with the empty tournament bracket.  They are obviously ecstatic to have a night of binge candy eating ahead of them...

Check soon for the next round of the candy tournament!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Many Faces of.....DEAN GARLICK

If you haven't heard my dad's patented answering machine greeting  call him or call me up and we'll be happy to give you a demonstration. 

The Garlick family was out for the first annual Jiggy Day Celebration.  (A day in which you give in to all of your material desires, dress like fools (e.g. checkered tights), give away ridiculous presents, and enjoy yourself.  Catch it next October 8th!)  I asked my dad to pose for the camera without using his classic 'smile.'

"Smile for the camera, dahling!"

"Serious!  Now let's see serious."

"Angry face!  Oh, that's fierce."

Ah, cheap thrills.  Hamilton's restaurant, October 8, 2008.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Bob has been in the Philippines on business for the last 2-3 weeks, and he's getting home tonight! There are a lot of reasons that I'm excited for him to come home, but here are are few:

1. I'm tired of taking care of the yard things like mowing the lawn and deciphering the aged sprinkling system.

2. Maggie and Sammi get off their game when he's gone waking up many times in the night to protect me with their ferocious barking.

3. The house gets spooky when it's just me and two edgy dogs.

4. No one's around to give me a back rub or cuddle with me!

5. I miss his classic Bobisms and hilarious songs.

I heart Bobby! Watch for him flying in a sky near you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

No Paranthesis

Brighton, Top o' Millicent Lift, February 2008.  We got dirty looks from lifties for this picture.

since feeling is first
who pays any attention to the syntax of things
while Spring is in the world

my blood approves,
and kisses are a far better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all flowers. Don't cry
--the best gesture of my brain is less than 
your eyelids' flutter which says

we are for eachother: then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life's not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis
--e e cummings