Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Once again it is October 21, and my birthday! To commemorate my twenty-three years on this earth, I put together some pictures of myself for your enjoyment.
This is one of the oldest pictures I have of myself courtesy of my first digital camera which I got for my nineteenth birthday, Fall 2004. I used to love taking pictures of myself late at night and then photoshopping them. This picture, however, us untouched.

Here is one of my favorite engagement pictures, and the photo that was in the center of our announcement, Spring 2005. See how happy I look?!

My bridal pictures, Summer 2005. I was told to spin. When I concentrate I tend to stick out my tongue. I guess spinning in a dress and train is pretty difficult stuff!

Skiing at Beaver Mountain, Winter 2005. Look how awesome that powder looks in the background! The sun is very shiny, that's why my eyes are shut, I have a hard time with shiny.

Summer 2006 we went to nearly all of the national parks/state parks in Utah and several surrounding states. This is a hike in one of those parks, don't ask me which. I believe the gray mass behind me was a 'salt upheaval.'

This is me graduating from college, Spring 2007! That hat was seriously bugging.

Here I am at a Vietnamese optometrist getting fit for ridiculously cheap 'Gucci' glasses, Summer 2007. This is how they determined my prescription. Do you see how shiny I am? It was so hot and humid there, and no air-con anywhere!

This is me at Hamilton's restaurant a couple of weeks ago, Fall 2008. I'm telling my dad how to operate my camera, don't I look lovely?

Thank you for that trip through memory lane, and I hope this next year brings new and wonderful things. And if you see me today, you should sing me a song.


Mindy said...

Happy birthday!!!! P.s. I adore that engagement photo!! I want one just like it. I might not look at cute though, so would you mind being my photo-double?

Tori said...

Happy Birthday! I really like all of your pictures, especially the engagement one!! Happy Birthday!!

Chalise Schoenfeld said...

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a great day & a spectacular year!

Halsey Ann said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY honey! I can't believe how aged you are :) You look so lovely in all of your photos. Bobby better know he is one lucky guy. And the ski picture is my favorite...seeing powder kind of makes my stomach leap about this time of year!

OH! and ~ahem~

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birhtday to you,
Happy birthday dear CASSANDRA,
Happy birthday to you!!!

Ciacci said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the trip! You crack me up. I was just remembering Pink Shirt Day at Al's!! I don't know why that popped into my head while looking at this post. Just good memories of you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Cassandra Anne said...

Thanks everyone!

birdbabies said...

happy birthday you crazy girl you! you might not recognize the name,but its me...lisa...i worked with ya at Al's. oh Al's. i saw your blog on sara's list and thought i check to see if it was you and IT WAS! happy birthday, looks like you had an awesome year. Take care
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