Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ten Amazings That Occurred to Me This Holiday Season

1. As I was walking to work the other day, a man called out behind me, "Hey, you used to be a ballerina, didn't you?" As I turned, I spotted the smirk on his face, as if he knew some secret about me and was bursting to let me know. See, my hips are messed up in that they force my legs to point out unnaturally, giving my feet the look of a ballerina's; however, I do not dance. I lack the coordination and grace to sufficiently plier. But I let the man have his kicks. "I did used to be a ballerina," I responded in my best 'you've got me' tone. The man then surmised that I probably danced for a long time and he was willing to bet I really missed it. Why not? And for a brief moment, I was a ballerina, graceful and beautiful; as I walked away, there was a new lightness in my step...

2. We (Bob + Me + Bob's brother Carter) recently went skiing up at Brighton. I think I had more fun skiing that day then I have had skiing at any other time. It was incredible. Additionally, at the bottom of a mid-mountain life, there is a double-decker bus which is used as a snack bar. Amazing!

3. I received many lovelies for Christmas including, but not limited to: Nintendo DS & 4 games (Cooking Mama 2 = Amazing), incredible silver jewelry, lushy clothes, etc...

4. I learned what it would be like if my grandmother had gotten her wish and we all had been red-heads (including those without any hair at all).

5. I learned that a dog can chew through a Blackberry, effectively demolishing screen and speaker function, yet leaving the ability to announce an incoming email.

6. I, and many that I love, contracted death-like illnesses that last weeks and weeks.

7. I went snowshoeing and Sammi, determined to party like the rest of the lab mixes involved (3 of them), became covered in snow and consequentially became quite cold. She's not meant for the cold weather, and rolling around in the snow like that dominant fool she is certainly didn't help matters much.

8. Bob and I both came to terms with the fact that there are certain people that we just don't have time for any longer. Sometimes it's more work than it's worth to maintain certain friendships, especially when said 'friends' make absolutely no effort whatsoever to keep up.

9. I have some incredible friends, loving family members, and sweet neighbors. I was surprised at the generosity bestowed upon me this Christmas; and it warmed my heart.

10. I realized that I love the holiday season, and that I can't wait until next year when once again I will be able to turn on my Christmas music and trim a fresh tree.

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