Friday, April 25, 2008

from ear to ear

Eskimos are reputed to have hundreds of words for snow. I propose we generate as many words for smiles. I can only think of grin and smirk, and the thesaurus entry was weak, indeed. Here are ten of the smiles that I think need new names:

1. The uncontrollable smile that breaks across your face like a winter dawn when the man you love does something extra sweet.

2. The, "I see you every day but don't have anything to say to you, so I just smile," smile.

3. The smile (perhaps coupled with a perfunctory snort or chuckle) when something someone said is not that funny, but you feel the urge to be kind regardless.

4. The ear-to-ear enthusiastic grin when greeting an old friend.

5. The good-bye smile.

6. The smile of genuine surprise.

7. The smile of embarrassment, "No, I think it's funny that I fell on my butt spilling coffee all over myself, really I do!"

8. The flirty smile, "Come hither."

9. The smile of relief. "He's going to be okay?"

10. And one of my favorites, the chuckle/smile to yourself when you're reading something funny alone.

Any I have forgotten?

EDIT -- 4/29/08 Over dinner last night, Michelle came up with: The smile that babies make when they're gassy. Bob came up with: The smile Maggie makes right before she vomits.


Mindy said...

As I was reading through these I thought, "Wow, Cassandra is brilliant. She has such a way with writing. I wish I could write like her." Then I thought, "I think #2 is my favorite description of a smile." Then I thought, "#2 and #4 ... and #3. And #6." And then I realized I liked all of them. :) Keep us all updated on when you come up with a word for those types of smiles and I will use them. :)

Cassandra Anne said...

Ha! Thanks.