Thursday, May 8, 2008

list o' cheer

Ten Things that Made Me Chuckle This Week
(In no particular order.)

1. My friend's 18-month-old putting Maggie's food dish on his head and declaring, "Hat!" (Later, he tried to lick said dish.)

2. The non-lyrics to Benny and the Jets (courtesy of 27 Dresses).

3. Maggie walking straight into a van.

4. Nicknaming those who don't want to be nicknamed. (e.g. Mimi & Kiki)

5. Secret by The Pierces. (Music video here --> I couldn't get it to embed...)

6. Gay Gossip.

7. Our group's Office-Quote-A-Day calendar.

8. BTFABBQ[HQN2Niner] Fiesta Cinqo de Mayo planning.

9. "I don't make pies, I make women melt." (Mateo on being asked to join the pie club solely based on his watching of Iron Chef and having a Y-chromosome.)

10. 30 Rock. This made me chuckle so much, I insist upon re-telling each episode in detail to Bob. Needless to say, he is less than amused.


Jamey said...

Many of these things made me chuckle as well. How come we're so funny?!? Thanks for being such a cheery friend! P.S. I do believe they are in a particular cuteness order for sure.

Tori said...

hey this is tori [denning] andersen I found your blog through Sarah REEEALE's blog and I just have to laugh because I love 30 Rock also, sometimes even more than the office... anyhow I love reading your blog, you are so funny!