Saturday, December 13, 2008


I've been away for work in San Antonio the past few days, and then Bob left this morning for Belgium (I think he's there as a waffle evaluator...) so blogging has taken a back seat.  But I'm taking advantage of this weekend to get on top of all of my internet tasks, and to get Maggie & Sammi to update their own blog (They're so lazy when I'm not around!).

I here include a few pictures from this Thanksgiving with the Fawsons.  We went shotgun shooting up in Logan Canyon.  Maggie is a great bird dog, and Sammi nearly crapped her pants.

Here is Bob shooting, Chris throwing the clay pigeons, and Aunt Annie looking on.

A lovely Thanksgiving tree.

Heather, watching while the boys get the guns ready for some serious shooting!

Carter and Scott full of Testosterone.


Joel and Sara said...

How did i not know about your other blog. It is good readin'.

Cassandra Anne said...

It is great, but unfortunately I cannot take credit for it, as my dogs write it!

Lisa said...

That is a very cool picture of the tree.