Monday, October 29, 2007

Nick the Name

My family drove down to visit me yesterday, and we entered in a lively discussion about the Nickname. For no apparent reason, my family is mildly obsessed with finding funny nicknames for people around them, and those nicknames tend to be derisive.

Nickname Highlight Role
Chet - Cheddar Cheese, Poogs, Uncle Chi-chi
Jocelyn - Jocie, Poobe, Jodger, Jiggy, Jibby
Dione - Didi, Geegs, Didi-bidi-bumba, Sweet Dee
Cassandra - Cass, Soggy, Cassi-andra
Mom - Ma-ster of the Universe, MA-MA, Cryp (from Cripple, I don't think I ever called her this to her face)
Dad - .... I can't remember ever having a nickname for my father. Such a tragedy since he's the King of making up nicknames. Any ideas???


1 comment:

4 Reale said...

Dean-o, Dean bean, Deanaramadingdong, Papa Garlick..