Monday, February 4, 2008


Skiing recently, I took a steep turn in a chute. It was the right turn to make, and I did nothing wrong. And yet, I found myself akimbo. My balance was off and I could feel the inevitability of gravity pulling at my body; urging me to careen down the steep slope. Feeling the hopelessness of the situation, I threw my body into the fall and I tumbled head over heels down the mountain. I somersaulted through a patch of powder and came back up having not misplaced anything, and with no more pain than a back full of snow.

And so it is in my current situation. Despite my best intentions, I've found myself perched precariously on the edge of a cliff. And after sitting for a few days resting awkwardly, I've decided to throw myself wholeheartedly into the unknown, hoping that I come out no worse for the wear.

We're moving to Washington DC within the next two or three months. Wish us luck!


Joel and Sara said...

we will be there to stay with you. Call us when you get there. Just kidding. But not really. If you want to come to Philly (2 hours and 20 min...I know this because we were just in DC)feel free to stay in our guest bedroom. We also have Diesal and don't mind if you bring your dogs either.

Megan said...


This is Megan know, from our old place of employment. So some random way I found your blog. I think it's great you guys are going to DC. It sounds like we are moving to Fairfax for the summer. Jon has an internship there. We should hook up while we are out there..