Monday, September 29, 2008

Celebration, Jiggy Style

This past weekend I gathered, along with many friends, family, and relative strangers; to celebrate the life of my sister, Jocie Garlick, and the birth of a memorial on top of Beaver Mountain.  I haven't written a lot about what happened to my family six months ago, in part because this is a very public forum for such personal details, but mostly because I don't think that I am ready to.  The emotions are still too raw to internalize and then spit out in the manner I usually employ for my writings.  I think about writing about it, about her, about the aftermath, all the time; I suppose that's good enough for now.

During the program, Jocie's closest friends let go of 99 (give or take, I heard a lot of popping noises) red balloons.  I didn't get to see much of this part of the program, as in the moment this picture was taken, Dione and I started performing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' (With both of us singing and I on guitar, brave I know.).  I had given my camera to Heady, Bob's sister, and she took this, as well as many other incredible pictures.  I just love the look on these girls' faces.  It makes me cry and smile at the same time.

I also include this self-portrait of Heather 'Heady' Fawson.  A word for the wise, if you want lovely pictures taken while you're busy, give your camera to Heather.  But beware, it will come back with several self-portraits, and undoubtably, a picture of Jayme Champlin in there too.  (I think this is the corner of her head here.  That blonde bit right by the sky there.)


Chris and Chalise said...

It was such a perfect day! Your guys performance was amazing as well. It was most absolutely a celebrating Jiggy style! Glad we could be apart of this day/

Mindy said...

1. Love the new layout.
2. It sounds like it was an amazing day.
3. I saw your mom at Borders the other day, wanted to chat with her, but misplaced her. :)
4. Temporary tatoos. Fabuluos idea. Golden stars for you. I honestly am going to send some. :)
5. I think you're great. The end. :)

Chris and Chalise said...

Hey do you think you could email me a copy of that picture with the girls and the balloons? I am trying to enlarge it and the quality isn't as great if I just copy it from your blog!


Ciacci said...

Wish I could have been there. :)

Love you...Choch