Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have decided to instigate a 'picture of the week' for my blog.  This week's picture is from our trip last August to the San Juan Islands with the rest of the Fawson clan.  I took this on our sunset kayaking ride, which was amazing.  As is often the case, the picture does not do the scene justice.


rob and maren watkins said...

gorgeous pic. it makes me itchy to go kayaking or canoeing or something.

i also just read your 9/11 post. you were 15?? what on the green? i was in college-- how is that possible-- am i really that much older than you? this makes me feel weird. either you are very mature or i am very immature. probably the latter.

Cassandra Anne said...

It's true. 9/11/01 found me fifteen. I was a junior in high school though and turned sixteen a month afterward...

I like to think that we meet somewhere in the middle on the maturity scale... But you're totally trumping me now that you have offspring.