Thursday, June 12, 2008


After Jocie passed away, my parents made Dione and I promise many, many things to them, but one of them at least we have kept; Dione and I have talked to each other, on the phone or in person, every day since. (83 days, I just counted them.) Some people would think that this would get old, some would think that it would be annoying, some would think it would be easy to forget; and on all of these points, these genius people would be right. But I've really enjoyed these conversations, tedious as they can be, frustrating as it is to wake up to talk to you sister, accommodating her busy social schedule. I've learned a lot about her, and I've been able to open up to her in a way I haven't for years.

So today, as she leaves the realm of teenager-dom and enters the world of twenty-somethings, I think that I'm more qualified then ever to wish her Happy Birthday. And many mooooooore!!!!!

Oh, and also: iPhone.

Dione is laughing in this picture, not crying. And she is laughing because after gorging herself at a fancy buffet, she is getting the 'meat sweats.' A terrible medical condition, donate now to find a cure.


Didi said...

I don't appreciate the crack at my social schedule.

But I do appreciate the meat sweats!

Love you lots.

Talk to you tonight.

Lisa said...

How great that you actually listened to your crazy parents! I love daughters... how sweet it is to have 3 such beautiful fabulous ones!!!

Mindy said...

I really, really like you and your sister, and your family and I am so happy you do this!