Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire!!!

Today marks the three years since I married Robert Matthew Fawson, affectionately known as Bob. It seems simultaneously much longer and much shorter than three years, so I suppose three years is about right.

It seems that Bob and I have been living/loving together and getting on each other's nerves for much longer than three years. I seems strange to think of a time when I came home to anything else but our small family of two humans and two dogs.

At the same time, three years has gone by quite quickly. A lot has happened, we now have four college degrees (alright, three of them are Bob's), own a house, have been parents to three dogs (though never more than two at once) and have grown a lot. We've gone through heart-ache, traveled the world, dealt with depression and insecurities. We've hiked, biked, rock-climbed, canoed, camped, back-packed, snow-shoed, skiied, sledded, swam, flown, been on more than one "Death March," bought a car on Ebay, road-tripped, learned to cook, and learned how to tease each other with efficacy.

Love you, Bobby.


Tori said...

Congrats, three years is something!

The Schoenfeld's said...

Congratulations I can't believe that it has been three years you are making me feel old. Just kidding hope you guys have a great day!