Monday, June 16, 2008

June Weddings

I have a confession to make, I am addicted to weddings. Monday mornings, my favorite thing to do is hop on the Herald Journal website (Logan's finest newspaper), and look at the wedding announcements. June is especially delightful since it was the month in which I was wed, and since there are many many others following suit, making there many many wedding announcements to read.

This picture is from my favorite announcement this week, the Canning-Wilson wedding where they, "exchanged vows on the beach in San Pancho, Mexico on May 3, 2008. Family and friends celebrated for several days together in Costa Azul and Puerto Vallarta before Peter and Courtney left for a 10-day ocean kayaking adventure."

Doesn't that just sound positively divine?! *romantical sigh*


Julie said...

Okay, I'm a blog stalked. Yes, it's true! I love reading yours, it's fabulous. I wish I had such a way with words. Anyway, I totally am addicted to weddings too! I HAVE to look them up in the HJ as well! And Peter grew up a couple houses down from me and I had the HUGEST crush on him! :) Haha! Anyway...just wanted to post a comment, so now you know one more stalked!

Cassandra Anne said...

Ha! I didn't know either of them, I just liked their story, though he is pretty cute.

Thanks for the blog flattery, it's always appreciated!

Julie said...

BTW, I just re-read that and I have no idea why it says stalked, not stalker. Oh well!

maren and robert said...

loved the last few posts. especially that picture of dione. i was trying to figure out if she was laughing or crying the whole time until you explained. so thank you for that. isn't jocie your other little sister? i'm so sorry to hear that she passed away if that is the case. your post made me want to call all my siblings each day too. very touching.