Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My boss is out of town, and a package came in today for her, so in her absence, Jamey and I got the pleasure of opening it. This package stated that the contents 'needed to be refrigerated at -20C upon opening,' so we opened it immediately for the sake of the contents. The package was about three feet long, a foot wide, a foot tall, and made out of Styrofoam; basically a cheap cooler. Also, the box was heavy. Very heavy.

Jamey and I were excited to see the contents, we weren't expecting any packages, and I was worried about where we were going to find the freezer space for this gigantic find.

We opened the lid to find a mountain of dry ice (expected in this sort of delivery) close to the top we found a small box, smaller than my iPhone (though thicker than it). We dug through the rest of the box finding nothing but dry ice, and nearly burning ourselves several times on it. All of that space for dry ice to freeze a cell-phone sized box?!?!?!?!

I realize as I write this that it in no way captures the hilarity and bizarreness of my afternoon... But it will have to do.

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