Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

This weekend we (we being my family + a few tag-a-longs) went camping up in the Uintah Mountains, by Marsh Lake to be more specific. Run down of the bests and the worsts of my 4th of July.

10 things I loved: (no particular order)
  • 14 mile hike to the Big Meadow/Beaver Lake
  • The shower I took in the trailer after said hike
  • Watching Maggie swim and the other dogs (Sammi and Izzie) attack her
  • Canoing out to the Heeb-Jeebs
  • Playing a ton of Nertz
  • Eating Raspberry/Strawberry/Blackberry/Rhubarb pies made by yours truly
  • Delicious, delicious foods
  • Cheating. And then failing, failing horribly.
  • Sitting around the campfire and telling tall tales
  • Watching three boys change a flat tire on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere
10 things I hated: (no particular order)
  • Mosquitoes
  • DEET
  • Sunscreen
  • The sunscreen/DEET film over my entire body
  • Mosquito bites
  • Spraying the dogs with DEET when they hated it
  • Being sprayed with DEET ("Mama, I hate it!")
  • Gigantor flies
  • Having everything taste faintly like DEET
  • The diseases (cancer, etc.) I will now get from having all that DEET in my bloodstream

These are just some of the many reasons I will look fondly back at the memories of this weekend as I return to my life as a city slicker.

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Lisa said...

Would you like deet with that?